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You Are What You Eat!

As part of our core values, DAC believes in empowering you with tools to achieve optimal health. Therefore, nutritional guidance and education are an essential part of our practice.  Please see our Blog to begin learning!

Everything you eat breaks down into the macro and micro nutrients that enter your blood, which travels to your entire body to nourish your internal organs and tissues.  


Food is medicine.  This is an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Based on over 20 years of study and the clinical application of nutrition into medical treatment plans, we help you make dietary refinements that are intended to help you heal from the inside out.  We see every individual as unique and guidance is tailored specifically to your needs.


Healthy habits are essential for optimal health, but they don't have to be difficult or complicated.  Here's a place to start:

Simple Principles of a Healthy Diet


  1. Eat whole foods from nature

  2. Eat seasonal foods

  3. Eat fresh foods

  4. Eat clean foods

  5. Eat tasty and appealing foods

  6. Include variety and rotation

  7. Eat in moderation

  8. Include variety and balance of flavor

Between the ancient wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the modern discoveries of Functional Medicine, we have a vast reservoir of information to help you thrive.  Let's get here together.

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