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Unnecessary Neurosis

I’m not a scientist, although I love to work with it. I’m an acupuncturist. I meditate. I’m interested in the growth and health of your SOUL. So why all this talk about your Gut-Brain? Why am I concerned with your immune system and maintaining healthy inflammatory responses? Why should it matter that your Spleen is healthy and making nutrient rich blood?

Well, first of all, how are you going to find your most content, fulfilled, and creative self if you’re physically in pain, or don't have any energy, or can't sleep? You’re not. You’ll be too preoccupied with your physical health.

Second of all, the Gut-Brain has a whole lot to do with consciousness. Looking into most ancient wisdom teachings, we find a common thread locating the place of peace/nirvana/enlightenment right below our heart. Right where the Gut-Brain is. So the way I see it, we’ve gotta get connected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to this hub if we want to fully engage in our highest purpose and potential.

Getting connected to your Gut-Brain physically is a simple equation: eat whole foods that are are full of life and the cells are happy. When the cells are happy, they produce energy. Think of all the little cells of your intestines and nervous system as little, bitty suns shining brightly with life-giving energy. Just as our sun provides the earth with sustenance for life, this energy provides our bodies with sustenance for life. The more we create an internal environment full of life giving energy, the more access we have to inner peace. Easy.

The problem is that while nutrition is simple, our minds are complicated. When our modern, busy minds get in the way, we seem unable to easily nourish our inner eco system with healthy food and thoughts. We're too busy, too hungry, craving stimulants or drunk. Eating and drinking becomes a neurosis, and before long we have a toxic waste dump instead of a pristine inner landscape. And if this is where our consciousness is located, what does that say about our mental, emotional and spiritual clarity?

Here's what it says: Anxiety. Depression. Worry. Fretting. Perseverating about the future and the past. Over planning. Plotting. Fixing, and having a really hard time connecting to the peace and contentment that's availalbe to us in every moment. If only we'd stop the stories. But it's hard to stop the stories when the chemical environment that's influencing our consciousness is unsupportive. Physicality and consciousness are connected.

So let's get connected! How? Meditate. Get quiet. Be still.

I've added a free guided meditation to my website that you can find here:!meditation/cr2d

The more time you spend being quiet, the less neurotic behavior is to follow. Less neuroses lead to better choices and your on your way to optimal living.

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