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Nutrition is Simple. Why Are We Complicating It?

I wonder how many books have been written on the topic of breakthrough solutions to ill health. How many blogs dedicated to the magical cure-all diet. How many experts endorsing the miracle herbal supplement. I find this endless stream of information quite fascinating, because when it comes to nutrition and good health the answer is sooooo simple. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the vast reservoir of creativity in regards to healthy living, and I’m happy to contribute. It’s just that it’s so simple, and thus perplexing that we would still, at this stage in our evolution, be searching for the perfect 'diet'.

Here’s a question: How many of you know that eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes and whole grains, and ethically raised meat and fish in moderation is good for you? Maybe even add in a little raw dairy from time to time, and honey to sweeten things up. I’m guessing most of you.

Another question: How many of you know that the following are not good for your health?: eating at fast food restaurants, eating processed foods packed with sugar and/or artificial ingredients and trans fats, eating animal products that were raised in a feed lot, drinking too much alcohol, drinking soda and sugary drinks, smoking and overeating. Again, I’m guessing most of you.

Last question: How many of you have an inkling that when you have an imbalance in your body that nutrition can't cure, it’s probably better to try holistic medicine before pharmaceuticals, and that it’s a good idea to seek a knowledgeable professional to help you with these medicinals and techniques? Hopefully most of you.

So there you have it. My book on health. You can see why it hasn’t been picked up by any publishers!

My point? WE ALREADY KNOW WHAT'S GOOD FOR US. Even the most uneducated person in the world knows, because it’s primal knowledge.

Health is easy, our MINDS are complicated, so perhaps this where we need to start the conversation on our quest towards good health.

What drives self-sabotage and thus keeps us from thriving?

If we know what’s good for us nutritionally speaking (and we do), yet we choose a different avenue that makes us sick, do we truly believe that reading another provocotive book or blog to revisit healthy nutrition will solve the problem? We already know the content! Sure we may get a good dose of inspiration, and there's always a place for that, but in the end we'll be chasing our tails, spinning our wheels and the pattern will continue. We have to go deeper.

Perhaps you might ask yourself what drives self-sabotage patterns in your own life, and then do your best to interrupt it. Here are the top four drivers of self-sabotage that come to mind based on my clinical observations:

Being too busy, which is usually rooted in fears around security

Lack of self worth

Avoidance of painful emotions


I believe it's important for us to begin to understand that continually seeking the next diet or supplement fad is not a sustainable solution, because it's reaching outside of ourselves for an answer. Healing comes from within. Healthy nutrition is essential to living a disease-free life, and it should be natural and easy for everyone. It’s our birthright.

Health promoting habits are a side effect of being connected to a more expanse idea of what it means to be healthy. From a place of embodiment and a connection to some deeper aspects of ourselves, we can naturally choose what leads to a life of thriving- instead of just surviving.

This is a small part of my contribution to the world- I understand the complex nature of the mind and body and the basic underlying patterns that are repeatedly resulting in poor health. And I have tools to help you!

Much love and gratitude!!


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